A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. Out with the old, in with the new, bring on 2016 with a new look courtesy of your local Kijana hairdresser in Coral Gables. New Year’s Eve is the time to make plans and promise improvements. No matter what your age or hair color, or the style and season, now is the time to experiment with a new look to kickstart the year. Here are a few to consider:

    • The Bob
      • After being hugely successful in 2015, the bob’s popularity is growing stronger and showing signs of being the number one hairstyle.There is no doubt this hairstyle is perfect for every occasion.


  • Tip – The bob can be a huge change for women who have had long hair all their life. A popular precaution to take before cutting is to pin up your hair in the shape of the desired bob using pins matching your hair color for a natural finish.


    • Fringe
      • If you want change but don’t feel like going for the full-on chop, then a fringe is the way to go. Even though it is any easy hairstyle, it works wonders if you want to get out of your everyday style. Plus, it looks great with all hair lengths.


  • Tip – If you suffer from blemishes make sure you use a large round brush while blow drying your hair. This will help keep your hair off the skin as much as possible.
    • Slick Center-Partings
      • Looking for super simple and cheap ways of getting a makeover this year? Look no further because all you need to do is change the way you part your hair.


  • Tip – Heading out for a few cocktails? Just tie your hair back in an elegant low ponytail and you are ready to go.

Start your new year the right way with an appointment at Kijana Salon & Blow Dry Bar. It is time to get the look you have always wanted and our professionals are determined to meet all of your expectations.