Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that makes use of tattoos (not in the traditional sense of tattoos) as a means to create designs similar to makeup like eye lining and other enhancing colors to the eyelids, lips, and face in general. Permanent makeup gives you the look you like round the clock whether it be an enhancement to your eyes, lips or eyebrows and unlike other cosmetic procedures that require surgery. Coral Gables special services offer you natural looking radiance! Here is a list of the benefits of permanent makeup:

  • If you suffer from an allergy associated with cosmetic products
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Have vision problems that affect makeup application
  • Have arthritis that makes it difficult to apply makeup
  • Have sustained burns or scars
  • Dissatisfied with the shape of your lip line or eyebrows
  • Lead an active or athletic lifestyle
  • Need to save time in daily routines
  • Are tired of applying and reapplying makeup throughout the day
  • Have a complete or partial eyebrow loss due to a medical condition
  • Have a cleft lip or desire fuller lips
  • Want the look you’ve always dreamed about

We take great pride in our services and making our clients feel beautiful. Our trained staff has the highest training and skill set available to ensure you achieve the look you want every single time you come in. That is a promise our salon does not take lightly and you will see it in our work. Call us today and leave feeling like a million bucks.