Epic fail is the last thought you want to have when you look in the mirror before leaving for a holiday party, but we have all been there. Save yourself the grief! Here are a few reasons to hit up the professional hairdressers in Coral Gables at Kijana Salon & Blow Dry Bar before your next big event.

  1. Because you are worth it! Nobody can take that away from you when your hair has been done.
  2. It’s too much work, plain and simple. Leave the magic up to the professionals.
  3. We guarantee the compliments will be flowing as easily as the champagne.
  4. You just don’t have the right tools to get the look you want and remember, there will most likely be photo evidence of your hairstyle.
  5. Enjoy being pampered while having the peace of mind that your hair will look the best it has all year.

At Kijana Salon & Blow Dry Bar, an excellent experience is everything and we promise that your experience will be all that you have ever wanted and more. We offer treatments for both men and women. Whether you are looking for professional cuts, color, extensions or beauty services, we are the leading provider in Coral Gables. As one of the top hair salons in the area, we pride ourselves in offering unparalleled hair care services and products, ensuring your individual needs and desires are met. Call us today to make an appointment and look your best during this holiday season. We look forward to hearing from you.